barska biometric safeProtecting the lives of your family as well as your property is very important. Owning a handgun or pistol is an ideal way to do this especially if your home is always the target of burglars or intruders. On the other hand, keep in mind that as a gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep the gun in a safe place.

Another reason why it is important to place a handgun in a safe place is your children. Children might think that your pistol is just merely a toy gun. As a matter of fact, it is a significant cause of accident or death of a child while at home. If you don’t want this to happen, it is a must to find the right pistol safe.


Looking for the right pistol safe can be challenging as there are numerous brands and models of pistol safe. When looking for pistol safe, it is a must to find the right one that offers the right features will benefit your needs.

The BARKSA Safe is perhaps the best choice if you are looking for a pistol safe that offers several features that will surely benefit you. BARKSA is a company is dedicated in providing products that are high in quality and can be dependable. The BARKSA Biometric Safe is jam-packed with features that are imperative in pistol safe. Additionally, aside from being a pistol safe, you can also use this as volt for your valuable items such as money, jewelries, documents and others.

BARKSA Biometric Safe is a great option because the biometric safe is an excellent feature that will permit you to secure your pistol and other valuables with your fingerprint. This makes it ideal for you to have a safe place for your pistol while you are away from your home.

Features of The BARKSA Biometric Safe

BARKSA is proven to be tried and tested as an ideal storage to keep sensitive items and compact valuables. Whether it is devices, significant documents, jewelry, small handgun or other important items can be stored in BARKSA Biometric Safe. Since it has a practical dimensions, it can be hidden or placed on a location you prefer. The BARKSA Biometric Safe can store identities up to thirty different users. Opening this pistol safe is very easy in case you need it most.

Biometric Safe by BARKSA is an excellent way to make sure that not everyone in the house or establishment can open it. If you have kids, it can certainly offer you a chance to keep them away and avert them from opening the safe and playing with it.

barska_biometric_safe2Biometric Technology

The biometric technology is a state-of-the-art solution that will give you the capacity to effortlessly and easy to have an access to your valuables and weapons in case of emergency. The BARKSA’s biometric safe, no need for you to remember or memorize complicated combinations under stress. The two solid steel will assure that your valuables are effectively protected.

When you purchase the BARKSA Biometric Safe, the box includes mounting hardware, 2 emergency back-up keys. The pre-drilled anchor points will permit you to eternally secure the safe into the wall or floor. This is also powered by 4 AA batteries that can last for two years.

Maintenance and Care

In order to utilize the performance and security of this safe, it is important to practice proper maintenance and care. Always make sure that the fingerprint scanner is clean. After using, it would be nice to use dry and clean cloth to eliminate the prints and smudges from the fingerprint. You have to test the fingerprints for every six months to make sure that it is working. You need to change the battery when it is needed. Maintenance and care for any appliance is very imperative to assure that the BARKSA biometric safe is in good condition.

Reviews and Ratings

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Just like any appliances, reviews and rating of a certain product are some of the imperative information that you need to obtain as this can help you determine if the product is worthy or not. According to BARKSA Biometric Safe reviews, the users are happy and satisfied because they cannot just keep their pistol, but also to keep other important items like jewelleries, documents and others. It also receives a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars. This is an indication that BARKSA Biometric Safe is a perfect choice if you are looking for a safe that can protect your things.

In conclusion, pistol safe is a must because as the owner it is part of your responsibility or duty to put it in a place away from children. Additionally, gun should be just used for emergencies, wherein you need to protect the lives of your family member or your property.

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