GunVault MV 1000Keeping a gun in the home can sometimes become a safety issue for everyone in the household, especially when there are children in the home. That’s why a good quality safe like the GunVault MV1000 MicroVault is a good option for keeping your guns safe and secure and in the right hands. You can go from store to store looking for the best deals on handgun safes, but when it comes to competitively low prices and high quality products there’s no better place to look than Amazon. Not only do you save money, but also time and gas which makes the deal even sweeter.

The GunVault MV1000 is for anyone and everyone who owns a handgun and would like to keep it in a place that limits accessibility as well as visibility. In addition to handguns, you can also keep other valuables in the safe such as your passports, other hand held or pocket size weapons and valuables like jewelry or money.

GunVault MV1000 MicroVault XL Handgun Safe Features

Extremely Strong Lock – One of the key features of the MV1000 would have to be its high strength lock mechanism which performs reliably and accurately time and time again. It’s what keeps your gun in the safe and prying hands out. The lock mechanism is strong enough to withstand any attempts by conventional hand tools such as hammers, crow bars and the like. The precise fitting of the lock not only makes it hard to pry open, but merely impossible which is a great assurance for any hand gun owner.

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GunVault MV 1000 Closed18 Gauge Steel – An 18 gauge steel construction FoolProof Security that’s virtually indestructible by any conventional methods. The gauge housing also features a tamper proof spring loaded door.  At 8 pounds, you could definitely feel the weight and durability of this well built handgun safe. The safe measures 3 ½ by 10 ¼ by 12 inches making it easily portable. ”

Secure Access – Built in computer system prevents any further attempt at the access code after repeated invalid entries. The system also can be put on stealth mode which disables the system allowing you instant access to its contents without having to enter a code. ”

Easy To Open In The Dark – The patented No-Eyes Keypad provides instant lighting access even in low lit or dark environments. There’s also an audio feedback feature which instantly confirms the correct access code entry. There are over 12 million user selectable access code combinations available for the safe. ”

Foam Lined Interior – Foam lining will provide ample cushion, protection, and support for your handguns and the built in elastic strap will help to secure the weapon as well as other contents of the safe. So even on travels your gun will be safe and secure.

Why buy the GunVault MV1000 Handgun Safe?

If you want the best possible handgun safe available on the market then the MV1000 is one to highly consider. It’s made from high quality, durable gauge steel construction with integrated technology and built in features that help to further secure your weapon as well as other valuables. On top of that, it’s affordable, reliable, and proven to work.

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