Gunvault SpeedVault SV500If you’re looking for a safer and more secure way of keeping your handguns at home without slowing down or hindering its accessibility then the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 is the solution to your problems. It’s not like any other safe you’re used to and with its innovative and unique design you’ll be able to get your gun faster than you can lock and load. It’s a great way to discreetly add extra security to your home or business establishment. For great discounts on such a revolutionary gun safe, head on over to Amazon.

Sometimes guns aren’t meant to be hidden away in deep dark spaces where it’ll take you longer than it should to get it ready for action. That’s why the SpeedVault SV500 is the best choice for individuals who not only want to keep their handguns safe, but also easily accessible.

Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe Features

Mount It Anywhere – One of the most practical features of the SV500 would have to be its multiple mounting options. For those who want to keep their guns in a place where they can easily see and retrieve the weapon, this is a very convenient feature. You can mount the gun safe horizontally or vertically on walls, behind doors, under desks and so many other places. And since this gun safe has an unconventional design, you can even mount it in clear view and no one would guess that the bulky black object on the wall is concealing a weapon.

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Gunvault SpeedVault SV500Durable Construction – An 18 gauge steel construction that’s durable, secure and discreet in design. It measures 6 ½ by 3 ½ by 13 inches and weighs a solid 7 pounds. It’s weighty but at the same time very portable and the mount can support whatever position you decided to place the SpeedVault at.

Secure Locking – The vault is battery operated and features a 4 key digital keypad that features over 12 million user selectable access codes that range anywhere from 3 to 6 numbers long. When the batteries are running low, you will receive an audio and LED low battery warning.

Any Pistol – The interior of the vault is big enough for almost any type of handgun. It measures 2 ¼ by 5 ¾ by 8 ½ inches. It also includes an internal white floodlight so you’ll be able to visibly see the gun even in low lit and dark environments.

Easy To Use – It’s easy to use and very simple to program. The SV500 comes with comprehensible instructions the guide you through the entire workings of the SpeedVault from start to finish. And just in case you ever forget the code or the system locks you out, there’s also a backup override key for your convenience.

Why buy the Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe?

The SpeedVault SV500 was built for the cautious gun owner who wants to be ready and armed at a moment’s notice. This safe is durable, discreet and highly effective. When you’re in danger you can trust the SV500 for a quick and speedy access to your defense.

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