SentrySafe G1455CWhen it comes to keeping your guns organized and secured, a SentrySafe G1455C combination lock safe is the best option available. It has all the necessary features for storing 14 guns and keeping them safe from anyone who doesn’t have your permission to see, touch or use them.

It’s built with durable and high quality materials and meets the California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety. For the best price on the SentrySafe G1455C check out Amazon.  They’re competitively lower than any other retail store online as well as offline.

This safe is ideal for people who collects guns, hunts game, or shoots as a sport. It has plenty of room for up to 14 guns as well extra storage space for smaller items such as hand guns, ammunition, cleaning supplies and the like.

SentrySafe G1455C Combination Lock Safe Features

Secure – What makes the G1455C combination lock safe so efficient is its 3 live-locking bolts which consists of hardened steel bolts measuring 1.45 inches in diameter. This is in addition to a solid steel housing with a pry resistant door and concealed hinges. Any attempts of intrusion will be deterred by the durable construction of the safe.  Combined with the combination lock and high quality design, you will be able to rest easily at night having the peace of mind that your guns are securely protected and safe from theft, vandalism or any other potential dangers.

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SentrySafe G1455CHardened Steel Construction – A hardened steel plate is what makes up the surfaces of the safe, preventing attempts made by tools and equipment such as a crowbar, a hammer, a hatchet, or a drill from being able to penetrate its core.

Quick Set Up – Combination lock allows you to create combinations with at least 3 numbers quickly and easily. It’s made from bright chrome hardware to give the safe an overall finished and high end look.

Stores Loads Of Guns – The SentrySafe measures 55.1 by 21 by 17.8 inches on the outside and 54.9 by 20.7 by 12.9 inches on the inside which gives gun owners ample room to store up to 14 guns. It weighs a whopping 157 pounds and can be bolted to the floor. Additional hardware is already included.

Flexible Interior – One fixed shelf above the gun storage lets you store other gun gear as well as additional and smaller handguns. The interior is completely carpeted allowing for ample cushion, protection and support for all of your guns so they won’t be scratched up or accidentally go off.

Why Buy the SentrySafe G1455C Combination Lock Safe?

There are plenty of good reasons to buy the SentrySafe G1455C Combination lock, in fact there are 14 absolutely awesome reasons to buy this safe and they’re all sitting at home. Get your guns the best housing possible, one that’s secure, durable, dependable and will keep your guns safe from anyone and anything that tries to intrude. This includes thieves, fire, water or any other kind of natural  or unnatural disaster.

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