sentrysafe g1459eGet quick access to all your rifles, shotguns, hand guns and weapons in just a push of a few buttons with the SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock safe. It’s guaranteed to keep all your valuable weapons safe and secure, out of the reach of vandals and thieves, family members and children. Everything from the built to its electronic functions is high quality, durable and very dependable. There’s nothing else on the market like it and when you purchase this electronic lock safe on Amazon, not only will you get a good product but you’ll get it at a great deal.

If you have a gun collection you’d like to keep in a safe and secure place with a shell that’s virtually impenetrable then the G1459E electronic lock safe is the one for you. It keeps guns in and intruders out. It’s the ideal unit for individuals who frequent gun ranges, hunts, or simply collects guns as novelty items.

SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe Features

Extremely Secure – The main feature of the SentrySafe G1459E is probably the one that attracts many consumers to it the most and that would be the solid steel pry resistant door that also has concealed hinges for added security. No one will be able to forcibly get through this safe’s door. And with the hardened steel plate surface, the contents of the safe are protected from attempts made by equipment or tools. Even a drill won’t be able to break through its steel surface which should make any gun owner rest peacefully at night.

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sentry safe_g1459eCarpeted Interior – A roomy carpeted interior that keeps guns cushioned and protected, not only from break ins but also potential scratches and dings. The inside of the safe measures 58.7 by 20.7 by 12.9 inches. It also has a built in shelf that can house other items such as ammunition, gun supplies, cleaning supplies and small handguns.

Loads Of Space – A capacity of 14 guns is what this safe can hold, but that’s not even counting the extra smaller guns that might be stored in the extra shelf compartment. On the outside the safe measures 59 by 21 by 17.8 inches and weighs a heavy 170 pounds.

Strong Steel Bolts – 3 steel live-locking bolts and dead bolts for maximum security. These aren’t your ordinary nuts and bolts you find on plastic toys or weak furniture. These bolts are made to last; and they’ll most likely outlast you.

Electronic LED Lock – The electronic LED lock makes it fast and simple for you to retrieve your guns. You can even do it in the dark or low lit room which is very convenient when you’re trying to access the guns at night.

Why Buy the SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe?

It might seem a little steep when it comes to pricing, but every penny spent on the Sentry Safe G1459E Electronic Lock is a penny spent on a good investment. Because you know your guns are safe and sound so the probability of them being lost or stolen is slim to none.


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