sentrysafe hdc11eWhen dangers lurk in and around your home and there’s no time to contact the authorities, then it’s time to take defensive action and with the HDC11E Home Defense Center you’ll feel safer and more protected than ever. It’s not just a place where you can keep your firearms, but it is also your line of defense. Being able to quickly and quietly retrieve your weapon can make all the difference when it comes to life and death. You have the right to protect yourself and your family and the Home Defense Center reinforces that right by protecting and securing your firearms.

When your home security system fails you, it’s time to turn to the second home security system and that’s the HDC11E Home Defense Center. Be able to access your gun fast and without being detected by the intruder. The HDC11E enables you to be armed and ready when it matters the most.

SentrySafe HDC11E Home Defense Center Features

Easy And Secure Access – The great thing about the SentrySafe HDC11E would be its programmable electronic lock which enables you to choose your access code; a combination of 3 to 6 numbers. Setting it up only takes a minute or two and once you’ve got the code programmed it’s only a matter of seconds from the time you punch it in till the time you have your gun in your hand. And if ever an error occurs or you forget your access code then backup override keys are available and let you open the safe manually. So in essence you have two ways to get into the safe, and two ways are definitely better than none.

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Solid Steel – A solid steel housing with pry-resistant door that provides extra protection and security for the contents of the safe. Its heavy duty structure measures 54.4 by 11.1 by 12 inches and weighs approximately 112 pounds. Anyone who tries to break their way into the safe will have a hard time, no question about it. Any attempts of forceful entry will all end in futile attempts.

Functional Interior – Well designed interior compartments that include a ready pistol stand, an innovative barrel containment system for defense shotgun or tactical weapon, an adjustable shelving unit, and a hidden floor compartment for more storage space. The interior of the safe measures 46.8 by 8.8 by 8.8 inches.

Easy To Install – A bold down kit comes with the packaging of the safe. It’s made for corner mounting and allows for easy installation in wall corners. You can place it in closets, rooms, storage room, basement, or wherever you feel it’s most accessible and conveniently located.

Quiet – Whisper quiet entry is virtually zero audible feedback so you can retrieve your weapon from the safe and be prepared without being detected by the intruder. This innovative feature lets the hunter become the hunted, sort of speak.

Why Buy the SentrySafe HDC11E Home Defense Center?

Be prepared and be empowered with the Home Defense Center. It’s absolutely ingenious in design, structure and technology which is what makes it one of the best there is. This is one safe that’s definitely worth every single penny you invest in it.

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