Two big names in safe manufacturing square off against each other. The Stack On 16 Gun Safe against the SentrySafe Gun Safe. Which is the best? Which one do you want? We answer all the big questions about price, functuality and security here.

See how they stack against each other side by side.

Features Of Stack On 16 Gun Safe

The Stack On 16 Gun Safe is a very good safe at a pretty decent price. It is large, holds a lot of guns, is secure and you can tailor the interior to your needs.

Here are some of the more important features of the Stack On Gun Safe.

  • Has a very high consumer rating
  • Very low price for the quality and security of the safe
  • Made from reinforced steel and foam padded inside
  • It uses a double lock and has 6 locking points/bars to make sure nobody gets in
  • Normally holds 16 guns together with a few shelves, but can be converted to a 31 gun safe
  • 1 Year warranty

Features Of The SentrySafe G1455E Safe

The SentrySafe G1455E is manufactured by a reputable safe manufacturer and is a good, solid safe. But is it the best one for you?

Here are some of the main features of the SentrySafe G1455E.

  • Has a high average user rating
  • It uses a electronic and manual locking mechanism
  • 3 live steel bars and 3 deadbolts secures the door
  • Made from hardened steel with a foam padded inside
  • Holds 10 – 14 guns, depending on model
  • 1 Year Warranty

How They Are The Same

As both the Stack On and SentrySafe are quality safes, they are similar in a number of aspects.

  • Both safes are very popular and have a high average customer rating
  • They are both made from reinforced steel and have foam padded interiors
  • Both can hold a decent number of rifles
  • Both have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

How Are They Different?

Although the Stack On and SentrySafe safes have got a number of similar features, there are also a number of differences between them.

  • The Stack On features a double door safe with space for up to 31 guns, while the SentrySafe is a single door safe with space for up to 14 guns (depending on the model)
  • The SentrySafe features both an electronic and manual lock, while the Stack On features a keycoded double lock, one for each door
  • Due to the SentrySafe being smaller and slightly less secure than the Stack On it a little cheaper


So which one do we like best?

Just for its robustness, size, security and customizability we recommend the Stack On 16 Gun Safe

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