Stack-On 8 GunHaving the proper gun containment is a very important thing to own when you’re a gun owner. Not only do you want to keep your firearms safe from younger children and possible thieves, but you should also want to preserve its good condition and protect it from any potential damage, weathering, and the like.

The Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet would be your ideal choice for the individual with multiple firearms ranging from shotguns to pistols and everything in between. If you’re looking for the best deals on gun cabinets, especially deals on the Stack-On 8, Amazon is the best place to look.

For gun enthusiasts, collectors and owners everywhere, the Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet is one of the most dependable and efficient gun containments there is. Not to mention, it’s also well built and very affordable. Trust the safety and security of your guns to Stack-On and no one else.

Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet Features

Secure & Durable – The Stack-On 8 has many great features that make it the ideal gun cabinet. One of the most important features of the unit would be its solid steel frame with integrated welded and staked steel piano hinge. This enhances the cabinet’s overall security and durability. In addition, it also includes an all-steel 3 point locking system with double-bitted, key coded lock. It’s easy to set up and the included manual is pretty straightforward and comprehensible.

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Stack-On 8 GunDecent Storage – Ample storage space for up to 8 rifles with measurements of 54 inches tall. In the same space there’s also a top shelf that can be removed if you choose to store items in there that are taller than 54 inches.

Quality Manufacturing – The cabinet measures 21 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 55 inches high. Master carton dimensions would be as follows; 21 ½ inches wide, 10 ¾ inches deep and 57-5/8 inches high. It features a black gloss paint finish with chrome hardware accents that makes its presence discreet.

Padded Interior – Padded bottom and barrel rest helps to protect your guns from scratches and other potential damages. The foam padding not only protects the firearms, but it also provides cushion and support within the security cabinet.

Secure – The cabinet weighs a solid 69.80 pounds and comes with a flush mount bottom that makes bolting it down to the floor more manageable. All the fastening hardware you need to secure your gun cabinet to any wall or floor is already included in the packaging of the unit.

Why Buy the Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet?

If you’re on a budget and don’t have several hundred dollars to shell out on some fancy gun safe, then the next best thing would be the Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet. It’s well built with a very discreet design and you’re still able to secure it with the key coded double bitted lock. Of all the gun cabinets you can buy this one should definitely be at the top of your list.

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