stack on gcb 8rtaStoring guns safely at home or apartment is highly necessary. Guns should always be kept and stored away to limit unauthorized access, if left unsecured; it can be a prime target for unauthorized borrowing or theft not to mention that guns can be very hazardous if they are handled by the younger members of the family.

As a gun owner, you have the responsibility of keeping them out from the unsuspecting hands. It’s definitely possible for you to be held accountable and liable for the bad things that might happen as results of neglecting the security of your guns. For these reasons, and in order to protect your possession from possible theft, it is a great idea for you to keep your guns securely kept away and stored. And there is no other effective way of storing your guns but through the use of an excellent and high quality gun safe just like the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Storage Cabinet. It is one of the leading models of gun security cabinet available on the market nowadays.


Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

If you are a gun collector, then the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is a good product for you. It is equipped with excellent features, the reason why it is one of the most sought after Stack-On gun storage cabinet. If you are after an ultimate gun protection system, then this product will be of great help to you.

This product is also the best option for the many firearm enthusiasts out there. With this, they will never have to worry about how to keep their firearms secure and safe. Those who don’t want thieves to get into their valuable gun collection, well then a product like this is the best solution. The Stack-On GCB-8RTA Storage Cabinet is in fact, one of the best rated gun safes.

Product Description

The Stack-On GCB-8RTA Cabinet is one of the most sought after top of the line gun safe with highest ratings from the gun community. It is definitely large enough for you to store not just your firearms, but also some valuable personal belongings, if you want too.

This is not an absolute high gun security safe; it is more of a theft gun safe for basic security purposes. This guns safe is, however, ideal in keeping your guns or your valuables in a safe place that will deter your friends, guests, and kids from accessing the contents. But if you are particularly after an ‘anti theft’ design and if you’re after uncomplicated gun security cabinet, then the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Storage Cabinet can be a good option.

In addition to giving you a safe place for you firearms, it also provides enough space for your personal belongings such as passports, jewelry, keys, wallet, checkbook, etc. Moreover, this gun storage cabinet is a durable and durable safe that is perfectly adequate to offer you basic security solutions for your valuable possessions not to mention that it is equipped with an excellent locking mechanism.

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Product Features

When it comes to its features, the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Storage Cabinet has a lot to offer.

  • This full sized gun cabinet is manufactured with a welded, steel construction, making it durable and sturdy to offer you long term security solutions.
  • Made from durable and high quality materials, equipped with a 3 point locking mechanism/system that and a coded key lock.
  • It has staked and welded steel hinge that offers greater security measure.
  • Holds up to eight gunshots or rifles.
  • Includes a removable top shelf that provides extra storage space.
  • The barrel rests and bottom is foam padded to reduce scratches.
  • This unit is easy to install/assemble with form fitting and integrated parts fastened together.
  • Has pre drilled holes for easy installation and attachment on the wall or floor.


Majority of the users of the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Storage Cabinet are satisfied and happy about this gun storage cabinet. It offers them basic security for their firearms and other possessions.

  • Very solid and durable
  • Effective and dependable locking system
  • It is being offered with a compelling price.
  • Can hold numerous guns and offers additional space for storing other valuable belongings


Well, though the GCB-8RTA is one of the top of the line gun storage cabinet it still has its flaws.

  • Putting the safe together is very time consuming, it’s seems a better idea to buy ready to use gun safe.
  • Its steel structure is a bit flimsy, and some also claim that it is made from thin metals, making it difficult to assemble while not bending the metals.


In conclusion, the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is still the best option if you want to have a safe and secure place for your firearms and other belongings. This is one of the best gun security cabinets that can offer your guns good protection.

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