Stack-On QAS-450-BKeeping your valuables and firearms safely locked away from everyone, but you is more possible now than ever before especially when you have something like the Stack-On QAS-450-B Quick Access Safe made available to you. This is one safe that will definitely keep intruders and thieves out and away from important items.

The QAS-450-B safe has some of the latest and highly advanced technology programmed into its security system. With features like the biometric lock you can be sure that no one will be able to access the contents of your safe; no one, but you that is. Something as sophisticated as this safe can easily cost you hundreds of dollars, but you can get it on Amazon for much less than other online retailers.

It’s the perfect safe for anyone who wants to secure valuables that are present in the home. Adults, teenagers and even grandparents can use this safe with ease and confidence.

Stack-On QAS-450-B Quick Access Safe Features

Biometric Lock For Quick Access - One of the most highly praised feature of the QAS-450-B Quick Access Safe would have to be its integrated biometric lock which has the capability of accepting up to 28 different fingerprints. So if you wanted to give other people, such as family members, access to the safe you can and without having to make a ridiculous amount of copied keys. With just a quick swipe of the finger, the safe will instantly open up as long as it recognizes your fingerprint.  It’s so easy even children can use it, and they probably do.

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Stack-On QAS-450-BNo Codes – Instant access with a single fingerprint swipe means there are no more complicated access codes to remember, or forget. And just in case your fingerprint reads invalid or an error occurs there is still a trouble key which comes in handy for back up purposes.

Flexible Usage – The safe is large enough inside to hold all sorts of important items. Its dimensions are 10 inches wide by 12.25 inches deep by 5.625 inches high. It’s very sturdy and weighs in at 14.5 pounds without any contents inside. Use it to store precious jewelry, important documents, firearms, cash, passports, and the like.

Easy To Mount – The safe comes with fastening hardware and is predrilled with holes for easy mounting. You can mount it to the floor, a wall or on a shelf. Or if you don’t want to use the mounts, keep your safe mobile and portable if and ever you wanted to take it with you on travels or on the move.

Padded Interior – The interior of the safe is foam padded to keep all your contents safe and protected from any potential scratches or damages.

Why Buy the Stack-On QAS-450-B Quick Access Safe?

It’s time to stop haggling with keys, hard to remember access codes or complicated number sequences. Make securing and accessing all your important items as easy as a swipe of a finger. The Stack-On QAS-450-B Quick Access Safe does just that while saving you money, time and stress.

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