Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22Gun safes are becoming more and more of an essential for individuals who own firearms. With break ins, robberies and curious children wandering about the house, you can never be too safe with your guns current storage arrangement. This is exactly why the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E22 Gun Safe has been highly recommended and trusted by many gun owners. It’s built with high quality and durable steel that’ll keep almost any attempts of forceful entry out.

If you’re looking for a good gun safe, this is one to really consider. It may be at the higher end of your budget, but no expense should be spared when it comes to the safety of your family and property. For great deals on this gun safe, check out Amazon.

This safe can be used at home, in work establishments, offices, garages, and even mobile homes, campers, and RVs. If you own a gun or several guns, then this is the safe for you.

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Safe Features

Extremely User Friendly – When looking at important features of a gun safe, one of the number one elements would have to be its security system. After all, that’s one of the main reasons why you would be getting a safe in the first place; to keep your firearms secured. The SS-22-MB-E22 utilizes an electronic lock which consists of a number keypad, invalid entry alert, operational lights which comes in handy for low lit and dark spaces, and a low battery warning so you’ll always make sure your safe is fully charged and activated.

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Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22Spacious – A very roomy interior with plenty of sizable compartments which includes 4 adjustable shelves that are perfect for holding smaller items like gun cleaners or ammunition. You can store 11 firearms along with the storage compartments in place. Without the storage units, the safe is large enough to store up to 22 rifles or firearms measuring up to 54 inches tall.

Secure Locking – 2 way locking with three 1 inch steel live action locking bolts along with 2 dead bolts for a total of 5 locking points enhances the safe’s overall security. Combine this with the drill resistant hardened steel plate and concealed hinges and your gun safe is virtually impenetrable.

Padded Interior - Interior dimensions are 26.61 inches wide by 14.83 inches deep and 54.96 inches high. It’s completely carpeted  which helps to provide cushion and protection for the firearms and other contents.

A Key For Those Forgetful Moments - A trouble key is included with this safe because there will be those moments when high stress circumstances will cause you to lose your focus and memory, making it difficult to accurately remember codes and what not. Sometimes sticking a key and turning is the easier and quicker option.

Why Buy the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Safe?

It’s time to invest not only in the security of your firearms, but also the safety of you and your family. Trust the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E22 Gun Safe to do its job so you can go about your life with a peace of mind. It’s secure, it’s dependable, and it’s a great investment that’ll last you many years.

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